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    The Gelato 47 Mochi Strain

    gelato 47 mochi

    The gelato 47 mochi, latest and greatest cannabis strain of the year has just been released, and it’s sure to make waves in the medical marijuana community with its unique combination of genetics.

    Gelato 47 is the first strain to combine landrace Sativa Afghani genetics With hybrid landrace Hawaiian strains. Producing an incredibly flavorful experience that some may call the mochi of gelato 47 (a mochi being a delicious Japanese dessert similar to ice cream).

    The taste profile isn’t the only thing that makes this new strain stand out from the pack, however.

    Gelato 47 strain

    Effects of gelato 47 mochi

    Named for it’s wonderful tasting, bouncy texture that is reminiscent of gelato made with mochi rice. If you are looking for a happy buzz, red eyes and rosy cheeks – mochi is for you! This strain will provide relief from stress and anxiety by lifting your mood and creating euphoria.

    The buzz from gelato 47 mochi is excellent for social gatherings. It can also be used to treat insomnia and make dreams extra sweet! Those suffering from nausea, migraines or headaches may find relief through use of mochi as well.

    Because it has an uplifting effect on mood, it can help those suffering from depression feel more positive. Users report feeling relaxed and ready to take on life’s challenges when they smoke or ingest gelato 47 mochi . However, if you have trouble sleeping at night after using mochi , just remember…you were warned! You may experience cotton mouth while smoking or eating gelato 47 mochi , so drink plenty of water!


    Seed strains for your new crop should be chosen with care, especially considering how long cannabis takes to mature. Buy from an established grower or seed bank, and avoid backcrossing with existing strains in your collection.

    To plant a feminized strain, you can use seeds from non-feminized plants that are harvested just as they start to show their sex—they can often give you multiple female plants. The simplest way to do so is by exposing them to hormones (you can buy these online) for 24 hours before planting.

    Once planted, there’s no need to worry about identifying males until much later in flowering. It’s very difficult to tell at this point which flowers will end up producing seeds versus buds.

    Fast facts about Gelato 47 Mochi

    This special cannabis strain (first-of-its-kind) has a sweet taste with a touch of hazelnut. This is just one flavor profile, however; some users also reported tasting coconut and cinnamon or pumpkin pie. Naturally, it’s named after its taste buds–instead of its THC or CBD levels–but it’s still good to know that it delivers effects similar to other popular indicas such as Afghani #1 and White Widow.

    What you can expect when smoking Mochi include a strong body high and an overall relaxed feeling. In fact, users often describe feeling spacey after using Gelato 47 Mochi—so if you plan on consuming edibles later in the day (or smoking before bed), keep that in mind!

    Why Order

    10/10 It was a really smooth smoke and it leaves you really relaxed. Perfect for bedtime. The taste is light, not overwhelming like some strains are. It has more of a fruity taste to it as well which makes for a nice experience. I tried smoking right before bed and slept through just fine with no paranoia whatsoever. This strain will definitely be one that I continue to purchase when I want to wind down or get my creative juices flowing!

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