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    The Dabtech Elite Plus – The Ultimate Dab Rig for Enthusiasts

    The Dabtech Elite Plus is the latest addition to the Dabtech family of products, and it’s an improvement on their previous dab rig offerings in almost every way!

    Read on to learn more about what makes this such an exceptional piece!

    What is a Dabtech?

    A dab rig, also called a dabber or an enail, is a device used to vaporize cannabis concentrates and extracts. In simple terms, it’s a specialized nail that heats up with an electrical element. With concentrates and extracts on-hand, dabs are quickly becoming more popular than flowers (buds).

    A 2016 poll from New Frontier Data showed that 74% of concentrate users prefer concentrates over flower because of their high potency. If you’re new to dabs, consider using something like our Dabtech Elite Plus—the ultimate dab rig for enthusiasts! The bottom line is that dabs will provide a more intense high compared to flower; take it slow until you learn how to use your new piece. Here’s everything you need to know about dabs.

    How Does it Work?

    To use a dab rig, place your concentrate on a piece of metal (called a nail) and heat it with a torch until it turns into smoke. You then inhale that smoke. If you don’t have experience with rigs or torches, there are lots of resources online to help you get started. You can also ask friends who have experience and are willing to show you how to use one.

    Another option is checking out local shops where people gather to use rigs; these places generally offer lessons as well. Having someone who can mentor you on using an elite plus dab rig will make your experience much more enjoyable and save you from learning through trial and error—the last thing any stoner wants!

    Heating and Temperature Control dabtech elite plus

    Because heating elements are used to convert your concentrates into a vapor, you need to make sure that your nail is at the right temperature. If it’s too cold, it’ll burn and have a bad taste. If it’s too hot, your dab will hit hard but with little flavor (and potentially harsh on your lungs).

    It should take just two minutes or so to heat up properly—and if you’re taking longer than that, there’s likely an issue. Ensure that your heating element is clean as well by using rubbing alcohol and a pipe cleaner before every session. Finally, always use high-quality nails made of quartz or titanium. These materials won’t leach chemicals into your concentrate like cheaper glass can.

    Features and Specs of dabtech elite plus

    It’s hard to choose a favorite feature of something as rugged and handsome as a dab rig, but we’d have to say that it’s probably that built-in storage shelf. This is one detail that really separates dab rigs from other types of water pipes; it means you can keep your dabbing materials handy without taking up too much space in your home. And hey, if you want to store some other things up there (like glass bottles or cups), you can do that too!

    Starter Kit Contents

    You get a decent amount of extra accessories in your kit, including: a 10mm domeless quartz nail; three stainless steel dab tools of dabtech elite plus (dabber, scoop, and blowtorch tongs); five medical-grade silicone dab mats; one water pipe adapter; two hose adapters.

    For anyone that enjoys extracting from multiple nails at once (or people who are a little more absent-minded than others), there’s also a glass dome as well. It’s big enough to cover all four nails, so you won’t have to worry about dropping or losing it.

    Accessories Included in the Starter Kit

    1 x wax tool; 1 x scraper; 1 x dabber (multi-tool); 2x glass domes; 1 x extra bucket; 4 glass joints, 1/2 diameter.

    Design Overview

    At this provided price tag, some consumers may shy away from purchasing a dab rig like this. But as mentioned earlier, you’re paying more for a quality build than anything else. Unlike many of its competitors, Dabtech doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality control or materials. That’s evident in the design itself: As is standard with any piece that features an overhanging downstem and splashguard, those components are held together by O-rings to create a watertight seal that prevents leaks from occurring.

    This also helps prevent smoke from escaping through cracks between these parts, which can lead to wasted hits. In addition, Dabtech uses borosilicate glass throughout most of their products. This type of glass is much stronger than regular glass and will withstand higher temperatures without shattering (unlike regular glass). The company also uses quartz instead of ceramic on their nails–quartz heats up faster and cools down quicker than ceramic, meaning you won’t have to wait as long between hits. And because quartz is also less porous than ceramic, your nails will last longer before they need replacing.

    Why Choose a Quartz Nail?

    It may seem counterintuitive to use a glass nail rather than quartz, but you’ll be surprised by how much of a difference it makes. Quartz nails are much more durable and heat up more quickly than glass versions.

    They’re also easier to clean. If you take your dabbing seriously, consider upgrading from standard glass to quartz for your dab rig’s nail. Since these can get quite pricey, shop around—it may be worth it to spend an extra $15-$20 or so on quality equipment that will perform better and last longer. You should expect to spend about $20-$35 on a good quartz nail, though higher-end models can run upwards of $100 or more.

    Guarantee, Warranty, and Certifications Section 10): Concluding Thoughts

    For a lot of people, investing in your own personal dabtech elite plus is a worthwhile investment. The quality, convenience and portability of a good dab rig makes it more than worth its price tag.

    In addition to all that, a high-quality dab rig can help you really nail down your technique and give you control over how you consume concentrates. If you’re interested in trying out a dab rig, we highly recommend checking out our review of the Dabtech Elite Plus . It’s easily one of our favorite models on today’s market.

    dabtech elite plus review

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